Looking to elevate your home decor with striking patterns and unique designs? Well, you’re in the right place. Styling with patterns can add depth and personality to any room, but it can be overwhelming to choose the right combination of prints and colours that complement each other. That’s why we’ve pulled together these top tips from our interior experts, so you can master the art of using patterned furniture and create a cohesive, visually appealing interior design scheme that reflects your personal style and injects personality into your home!

Balance your patterns with solid colours


When you have eye-catching furniture pieces in your home, it's important to approach styling with care. While patterns can add visual interest and personality to a space, they need to be used sparingly to overwhelm the senses. 

An excellent way to get around this problem is to make your patterned pieces your starting point and balance their boldness with solid-coloured walls, furniture, and accessories. You don't want your patterned pieces to be fighting for attention; you want to choose only a few striking pieces and allow them to shine on plainer backdrops - just make sure the colours you choose are complimentary to your patterned piece. Incorporating the right balance of patterns and solid colours can help you to create a cohesive, well-designed space that feels both stylish and inviting. 

Some of our favourite patterned pieces we think would be great for this interior style include the Duresta Trafalgar 2.5 Seat Sofa Cushion Back, Alexander & James Blake Wing Chair, Tetrad Montana Grand Sofa and the Parker Knoll Isabelle Large 2 Seater Sofa. These unique designs are perfect for infusing your home with style and personality, making them ideal focal points to build a room around.

Start with neutrals 

Using neutral-coloured walls, floors, and accent pieces as backdrops allows patterns to stand out and take centre stage without competing for attention. By choosing a versatile and understated palette for the rest of your room, you'll create a harmonious and balanced environment that's easy on the eyes. Whether you're into geometric prints, floral motifs, or abstract designs, a neutral backdrop will provide a perfect canvas for your patterns to shine, which will, in turn, make your home look more styled and curated. 

Pick a colour palette and stick to it

When it comes to styling patterns in your home décor, it's important to choose a consistent colour scheme to avoid confusion and clashing. Your colour scheme should complement your furniture without competing with it. An effective way to achieve this is by selecting one of the colours in your patterned piece and then choosing complementary secondary colours that will bring balance to the overall look. Whether it's your walls, accents, or flooring, selecting complementary home colours will create a more harmonious and polished look that ties everything together.

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