You feel more productive and able to separate work from home with a dedicated work space. But there are some things to consider when thinking about how to setup a small home office. Whether the available space is limited or your home itself is small, finding space for a desk can seem impossible. But you're probably getting sick of working from the sofa or your dining table being cluttered with files. So, it's time to re-think your space and make room for a work station.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t one solution that will work for all homes. However, the challenge of how to setup a small home office can be addressed a number of ways. You'll be able to create a work space in even the smallest of homes with these four tips.

1. Console Table

A console table can be used like a small desk – no room for a computer and printer but it will provide a handy spot for your laptop. You can place a console table anywhere in your home, from the hallway to behind a sofa – one of the more versatile office solutions. You can choose one without drawers, like this Stockholm Console Table, so your knees fit comfortably beneath it.


2. Make Use of an Alcove

An alcove provides the perfect spot for a little table like this Metropolis Iron Leg Dining Table that can be used as a desk. By making use of an alcove you're saving on floor space and with a couple of shelves above the desk, you won’t sacrifice on storage space either. Chair wise, use one of your dining chairs or turn round an occasional chair. Or, you could even get a little stool that would tuck neatly beneath the table.


3. Office Bureau

Office bureaus were created to solve this very problem, so it’s not surprising that they are a popular choice. Yes, mini desks are great if you are just working from a laptop, but if you’ve got paper files you need to store and access, they don’t really cut it. An office bureau, like this Classic Burgundy Bureau provides storage space and a work surface, so everything is in one tidy place and the desk is folded when not used. Genius!


4. Storage

If creating a specific work surface isn’t an option, make sure you’ve enough dedicated storage space close by, so you can quickly clear your dining table. That's because there’s nothing worse than your work staring you in the face all weekend! A compact cabinet, like this Irish Coast Office 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet, that blends with the rest of your dining furniture will do the trick, so tidy your things away and forget all about it.

For further inspiration, browse our complete range of home office furniture and storage solutions.