We think it’s fair to say that nothing quite compares to a recliner sofas when it comes to comfortable seating for your living space. All of the recliner sofas you’ll find here at Taskers of Accrington are specifically designed to be comfortable, stylish and easy to operate. What’s more, recliner sofas aren’t just elegant and eye-catching furnishing options - they can actually provide you with a range of health benefits, both physical and mental!

Stress relief

Tell us if this sounds familiar - you’ve just got home from a long, stressful day and all you want to do is sink into a delightfully comfy chair to relieve a bit of tension. It’s a common scenario for a lot of people, and even though your regular sofa is probably a welcome sight at the end of one of those kinds of days, It’s just not going to hit the spot in quite the same way as a recliner. When your body reclines, your spine is rested, your back is supported and your legs are elevated, transporting your body to a place of deep relaxation. It’s the perfect remedy for relieving you of the everyday stresses you endure, and assists in rejuvenating your mind and body.

reclining chair

Improve blood flow

When you lie back on a recliner sofa, your legs are elevated above your heart, allowing gravity to improve your circulation in a natural way. This is extremely beneficial if you’re someone who works behind a desk or on your feet for hours on end, as during this time, your blood rushes to your feet and legs, causing inflammation and discomfort. This is especially true of older people, so by opting for a recliner sofa, you give yourself the added benefit of improved circulation after a long day.

recliner chair

Perfect for those with physical limitations

If you’re someone who struggles with mobility issues, then a recliner sofa is by far one of the best furnishing options out there for you. Recliner sofas have earned an enviable reputation for providing people with assistance when getting up out of them. With a simple press of a button, the built in power lift feature that’s present in the vast majority of recliner sofas will gently ascend you into a standing position, reducing the need to force yourself out of the chair and risk causing yourself an injury.

All told, a recliner sofa can be viewed as far more than a fashionable addition to your home space, and if you’re interested in adding a recliner sofa to your repertoire of home furnishings, then you’re in exactly the right place. Here at Taskers of Accrington, we offer recliner sofas in a choice of styles, encompassing traditional, modern and contemporary - so you can always be sure we’ll have something to suit your own interiors.

Looking for some inspiration? We stock sofas from a range of quality brands like G Plan and Celebrity, which you can come and view for yourself in our newly refurbished showroom, which now includes themed displays, room sets showcasing lounge and dining furniture, an expanded bedroom furniture studio, and brand new lighting and home accessories departments.

If you have any questions regarding any of our recliner sofas, or anything else we stock at Taskers of Accrington, rest assured we’re here to help. Get in touch today by calling us on 01254236262, or emailing us at sales@taskers.com. Our in-house team are always happy to help!