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Our Eco-Friendly Furniture Style Guide

January 29, 2020

Go big or go… green! Perhaps the hottest trend of the year (and for the foreseeable future) is an eco-friendly interior filled with sustainable pieces that are always naturally stylish. It’s hard to know what to look for when trying to shop sustainably. Especially when it comes to your bulkier home pieces.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite eco-friendly furniture finds and why we love them. Feel inspired with style guides, so you can see just how you can create a more conscious interior using these collections.

Pictured: Leo Bedroom Collection

Natural Waste


The Driftwood collection utilises washed-up waste wood collected from the beaches of Indonesia. Hundreds of small pieces of wood are gathered together and hand-crafted into intriguing shapes and silhouettes that are bound to bring a beach-vibes to your interior.

 Reclaimed Furniture

Urban Chic

Using timber salvaged from Southern India, the aged wood of the Urban Chic range is given a new use in this collection of living and dining room furniture. This range adds a glossy and coloured finish to textured materials, making it far from boring.

Leo Bedroom

Each piece used in the Leo Bedroom range features reclaimed wood that’s crafted into rustic bedroom furniture with minimal treatment. This allows you to experience the warmth and textures that rustic wooden furniture can invite to your home.


Featured Products: Urban Chic Wide Long Mirror, Urban Chic Large Sideboard, Urban Chic Large Open Bookcase, Alexander & James Paradise Sofa, Driftwood Large Heart Wall Deco, Driftwood Tall Lamp Table, Driftwood Round Coffee Table.


Sustainable Methods

Alexander & James

Alexander & James pride themselves on the sustainable methods that go into their sofa collections. For every tree that’s knocked down another is planted in its place. This ensures long-lasting stability for the woodland and therefore a great eco-friendly choice for your next sofa.


The wood used in Skovby pieces is collected from forests globally and replaced as such. Even the waste wood that comes about from creating the exquisite Skovby living and dining furniture is used for heating and fuel. This is a great sustainable method for the long-term.


Featured Products: Driftwood Seahorse Wall Deco, Bluebone Cortina Vegan Leather Dining Chairs, Driftwood Edges Mirror, Skovby SM913 Display Cabinet, Skovby SM38 Dining Table.

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