Summer brings sunshine, hot weather and most of all, fun! Now is the best time to switch up your home style and we have 7 steps you can take to make your interior reflect the beauty of the season.


Cosy Cushion Choices

Playful cushions are great to add cosy summer comfort, especially ones with breathable cotton covers.

Choose a plump feather filling for a more breathable interior that feels comfortable when you’re lounging on the sofa.


Learn to Love Linen

Textures can make all the difference, switch up materials where you can for a stylish and practical change.

Drape a patterned linen throw over an accent chair or your sofa for that extra chic look.

Replace those thick, hefty curtains for sheer linen ones to allow a beautiful ambience of the sun to shine through just a little bit.


Get Busy with Botanicals

We love botanicals all year round but consider adding even more when it’s summertime.

Pampas grass is extremely popular, lasting and looks great in any home style

They don’t have to be real plants, but faux plants work just as well to give you the right atmosphere to truly capture the heart of the season.


Piece of (Art) Work

One of the best ways to liven up your walls is to add (or replace) artwork.

Incorporate prints that inspire good memories and positivity when you look at it, with colours of soft green, ocean blues or vibrant yellows.

Alternatively, gracing a plain wall with quirky, abstract art brings fun and flavour for the summer period and is something your guests will appreciate.

Pictured: Rich Ice Cream Picture and Chocolate Glass Picture


Use Your Common Scents

Some of our favourite scents for the summer include citrus, soft floral and rich fruity notes.

These instantly provide that fresh summer feeling from the first smell and will liven up both your interior and mood.

Reed diffusers are ideal for keeping the scent lingering throughout the day, while we recommend jar candles at nighttime for a more relaxed setting.


Nude Lighting

Make the most of the sunshine summer brings (while you can) and utilise the natural light.

Hang mirrors in rooms that need a little uplift, the mirrored surface helps to reflect the light and illuminate the area while creating the illusion of more space.

Unless it becomes too hot, keep your curtains open throughout the day and let the sunshine perk up your mood and your interior.


Get Garden Glam

Make your outdoor as inviting as your interior.  Choose comfortable garden furniture (if your space permits it) since you will be spending a lot of time outside.

Social seating arrangements are ideal for when the weather perks up, so consider an outdoor sofa to really get you set up for the day of sun-soaking.

Pictured: Athena Corner Casual Fire Pit Dining Set

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