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6 Ways to Warm Up Your Interior This Winter

December 6, 2019

So long summer, au revoir autumn…hello winter.

Cranking up the heating isn’t the only way you can keep warm during these next few blistering months. You’d be surprised at the small changes you can make to your interior that can leave you with a lastingly warm impression.

Layer up

Soften up your interior with throws, cushions and rugs to fluff up any room in the house. Not only will adding these accessories make your room feel instantly warmer, but they’ll also provide a homely, chic look that everyone can appreciate.

Already have cushions on your sofa? Add a few more for a love-to-lounge experience. If you already have a rug for your living room or bedroom, consider replacing it during the colder months for a thicker, softer pile that is more likely to be toasty underfoot.

Use your space wisely

Furniture placement is very important when it comes to keeping your house warm and cosy. Rule number one: make sure your sofa (or anything else) isn’t blocking the radiator. We’re all tempted to move closer to a source of heat if we’re feeling chilly, especially if you plan on relaxing in a chair or on your sofa.

But what you don’t want is to block the heat in and prevent it from circulating around the room. You’ll certainly feel the sharp cold when you get up.

Let there be (less) light

Avoid bare bulbs in the home and too much bright light as soon as it starts to get dark outside. You can switch on the lamp, dim those lights or ignite the candles to create a warm, relaxed vibe.

Place candles all around your living room while you relax or put on a movie. The heat from the candles will radiate around your space and create a soothing setting.

TASKERS TIP: Use lanterns and hurricanes if you want a more stylish candlelight display.

A change of style

If you’re in a location which always seems to be surrounded by cold conditions, perhaps in the countryside or it’s just an older house, consider a change of décor altogether.

Adopt a rustic look with dark wooden furniture that instantly creates a warm atmosphere. For sofas and chairs, we recommend super-soft textiles, especially Harris Tweed. This handwoven fabric is renowned for being a cosy choice for those cold nights.

Pictured: Brienne Living & Dining collection

Mind over matter

Switching up your colour scheme seasonally can be a great way to not only refresh your interior, but it can help you to feel warmer.

According to colour psychology, we associate certain colours with specific connotations. We see yellow and we’re immediately reminded of summer and sunshine or we see blue and we think of water or the colder months.

Switch out accessories such as cushions, throws or even sofa covers (if you have a loose cover sofa) for warm shades such as red, tan or brown. These warmer colours are sure to present a warmer outlook in the home.

Pictured: Lecce sofa

Simple solutions

There are even easier things you to do to keep those drafts at bay:

  • Cover any gaps under doors. They don’t have to look shabby, use long bolster cushions or a rolled-up throw to add a bit of colour and style.
  • It may sound simple, but keep doors closed at all times. Allow the heat to gather in the room with little opportunity to escape, so that you can feel cosier, quicker.
  • Be sure to keep your curtains open in the day time to promote natural light in your home and prevent the dingy darkness bringing the vibe down. But close them as soon as night falls.

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