We're facing some of the highest temperatures on record in the UK, with weather warnings from the Met Office urging people to keep cool and stay indoors. But what small changes can we make in our home that can help this? Here are just a few easy tips you may not know, which we hope will help you and your family beat the heat.

1. Close the Curtains

It may be tempting to let all the glory of the sunshine into your home, but if you struggle with the heat, be sure to keep those curtains and blinds closed to block out direct sunlight from entering. Only open them when it starts to cool down, i.e. in the evening. Take into account that materials matter as closing metal blinds can have the opposite effect.

2. Shut The Doors

Leaving doorways open is counterproductive to tackle the heat, so don’t let that warm air inside and keep the doors closed where appropriate. You can even use a draft excluder to the heat can’t get in through the bottom. To stop stuffiness, try opening a window for a few minutes to circulate some air – just make sure to close them afterwards.

3.  Cool Your Body Down

If your body temperature is getting a little too high for comfort, soak a hand towel in cold water until it is completely soaked. Take the damp towel and place it on your neck and/or wrist for a few minutes, until you’re feeling cooled down. This is a quick fix and helps by lowering the temperature of your blood, making you instantly feel a sense of relief in the body.

4. Drink, a lot!

Don’t let yourself become dehydrated and drink plenty of water. In fact, a way to make water more enjoyable – if you’re drinking a lot of it – is to add fruits and vegetables to your drink. One foolproof recipe for this is to chop up a little cucumber and add mint leaves with a few squeezes of lemon to a pitcher of water and soak in the fridge for a few hours. Cucumber is instantly hydrating and refreshing, while mint leaves have the same effect on your body that cold does. It triggers certain sensory receptors to make your body feel the cold sensation.

5.  Plan Ahead

It’s maybe a bit too late to change your seating but for when the summer hits again, think about investing in a sofa that’s made to manage the weather. Sofas with removable, linen covers are great for tackling the seasons. Not only is linen a relaxed, breathable fabric, but the loose covers are easy to remove, wash and replace which we're sure you'll appreciate when summer hits.

Pictured above: Collins & Hayes - Miller Loose Cover Sofa and Chair 

6. Cook Smart

Opt for a salad for dinner or consider pre-cooking your meals at night time when it’s cooler. The last thing you want is to add unnecessary extra heat with appliance such as: ovens, grills or air fryers. Consider switching off any other appliances that expel heat so it's not building up in your home throughout the day and overnight.

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