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5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Bed

January 10, 2019

Tired of being tired? Perhaps your sleeping experience feels like you’re in the wilderness with Bear Grylls? If both of those are true, then it’s time to invest in a new bed, but there are some essential questions to ask yourself (and a sales adviser) before making a long-term purchase like this.

Is the mattress tension right for me?

There’s a world of choice out there when it comes buying a mattress, perhaps too much if you’re not in the know. Finding the right fit is the most important part of buying a bed. So think, do I need a soft, medium or firm comfort level?

For example, a heavier person will find a soft or medium mattress tension isn’t supportive enough for their body. On the flip-side of this, a lighter person may find that a medium or firm mattress does not allow them to sink in enough to feel any real benefit.

Luckily we have experts on hand to help you have your best night’s sleep, every night.

Is it the right tension for me and my partner?

Relationships are built on compromise, but that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to comfort. Many mattresses offer dual tensions, discretely split in half so that you and your partner can feel the benefits on your body.

Harrison Beds and Hypnos offer this exact function for many of their ranges. If you prefer a soft mattress with a bit of a bounce, choose a soft tension. If your partner prefers a medium  tension, he or she can select a different tension for their side of the bed, and vice versa.

Will the base compliment the mattress?

It’s not a question many people ask when they’re purchasing a mattress but it can be just as important. If you’re looking for an extra soft sleeping experience, choosing a platform top without springs won’t give you the best out of your bed.

However, a sprung base makes for a bouncier bed, and offers a much deeper comfort when paired with a soft or medium tension mattress.

Do I need storage?

Whether you’re sleeping in a small room or you’ve just got a lot of stuff, an ottoman or storage divan bed is the ideal way to save space.

An ottoman has the most space for bedding, clothes or anything else you may want to tuck away. This storage solution is accessed by lifting up the mattress to reveal the hollow base inside. Alternatively, if you’re looking to store a few bits and pieces, a drawer-divan base allows you to customise the size and amount of drawers you’d like.

Tempur Contour Mattress

The Tempur Contour Mattress with the Holcot Ottoman Bed

Do I want predominantly natural fillings or artificial?

Many manufacturers look to nature when it comes to stuffing their mattresses, they incorporate warm yet breathable materials such as wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, which are also reliably soft materials. This, alongside multiple pocket spring systems, provide long-lasting support.

Quite often, these natural, pocket spring beds may need to be turned every 6 months or so for longevity (or seasonally, to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter depending on its fillings).

Choosing a mattress made with synthetic materials means choosing a mattress that is incredibly reactive. One of tour best brands who specialise in man-made material beds are Tempur, whose exclusive ranges mould to the shape of your body, allowing your spine to rest naturally.

Harrison Beds interiors, layers of natural wool with pocket springs

Whenever you make a choice, make sure it’s an informed one.  A brand new bed should feel brand new with every sleep, if it does it means you’re getting the right support for your body.

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