If you’re all about film, a home cinema isn’t just a need, it’s a must! The perfect peaceful place to immerse yourself in old classics or discover new favourites, creating a home theatre brings film closer than ever. But creating a room to rival the real thing is a task to be taken seriously.

Thankfully, putting together a cinema room in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tips to get you on your way and a clear idea of your ideal aesthetic, you can bring your home theatre dreams to life. Let’s dive in!

TV screen or projector?

Your first decision should be whether you use a TV screen or a projector in your home theatre. TV screens are an easy choice that can still provide high-quality visuals and come in sizes well-suited to cinema rooms. If you’re used to TVs and want a fuss-free set-up, this is your best bet. Projectors, on the other hand, create a more unique experience that’s closer to the original cinema screen and are available in larger sizes than TVs.

Incorporate ambient lighting

Whether a high-street name or an independent theatre, ambient lighting is something all cinemas have in common. Low lights help you forget the outside world and become completely immersed in the film you’re watching. They also let the visuals stand out, making them a must for a high-quality experience!

Consider the room's aesthetic before choosing the right lights. More contemporary cinemas will have dimmer-controlled spotlights. Retro-inspired, cosy spaces will better suit individual table lamps that can be switched off from the comfort of your seat as the movie begins.

Lighting is also a fabulous way to add a bit of the drama of cinema to your aesthetic. Why not take a look at our Flamingo Vintage Wall Lamps for inspiration?

lounge chair

Use a quality audio system

Your home theatre system isn’t complete without high-quality audio. Surround sound is the best option for that authentic cinema feeling with a 5.1 system many movie lovers choose as their go-to. This incorporates five satellite speakers that are spread around the room and one subwoofer to bring the bass.

Consider your furniture setup

Comfort is key when creating your home theatre! Don’t forget to invest in high-quality seating that you can relax in. Sofas are perfect if you’re thinking of snuggling up with the family and better suited to multi-functional spaces. Or embrace film-viewing luxury with reclining chairs, ideal for kicking back in after a long day.

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