If you're interested in bringing a bit of the outdoors inside, you've come to the right place. At Taskers, we're interior experts, and we understand how important it is for our mental and physical health to stay connected to nature, even if it’s just the comfort of our own homes. That's why we offer a variety of nature-inspired furniture and accessories, all from some of the world's most sought-after brands like Calligaris, Tetrad and Alexander and James, all designed to help you achieve that natural feel, boost your mood and soothe your mind.

What is biophilic design?

With the fast-paced nature of our modern world, it's easy to feel like we're being pulled further and further away from nature, especially with the integration of countless technologies and now AI into modern life. It’s these vast technological changes that are prompting people to combat the feelings brought on by this separation from nature by incorporating natural elements into their interior design in a way that's both stylish and healthy. This design style, in its most authentic form, goes by the name biophilic design, and it was coined by renowned biologist and Harvard Research Professor E.O. Wilson in his 1984 book Biophilia.

With that in mind, we're diving into some ways you can incorporate biophilic design into your space, like using natural light and incorporating indoor plants to keep the atmosphere of your home tranquil and to keep you connected to nature.

Driftwood Sofa

Prioritise natural light

The first way to incorporate an element of biophilic design into your home is with natural light. Not only is it great for your mood and circadian rhythm, but it'll also help you save on your energy bills while keeping you in touch with nature!

If you're looking to maximise the amount of natural light in your home, there are simple techniques you can use without having to flip your house upside down renovating. To start, keep your windowsill free of clutter to enable sunlight to easily filter through and fill your space. Next, arrange your furniture in a way that avoids blocking your windows, and strategically use mirrors to reflect light and create a sense of brightness throughout your space. It's also a good idea to remove any heavy or dark curtains and replace them with sheerer options to let more light in.

Incorporate plants and greenery

Adding plants and greenery to your living space can be a wonderful way to incorporate an element of biophilic design. Not only do plants add some colour and texture to your decor, but they can also provide numerous physical and mental health benefits. Research has even shown that having plants around the home can enhance your air quality, lower stress, and increase productivity.

Any kind of plant will do the job just fine! It's a great, affordable, and easy option for decor that you can switch out at will. You can try hanging planters, terrariums, or large potted plants. It doesn't matter if you're not an expert gardener; there's always a plant that will work well in your space!

Natural materials and biomorphic shapes

When creating a nature-inspired interior, it's essential to choose furniture pieces that reflect the natural environment. Choose furniture pieces made of natural materials such as wood, stone, and cork. To make a try biophilic statement, opt for furniture pieces that have biomorphic shapes. This simply means choosing furniture that imitates the shapes found in nature. A few examples of biomorphic shapes include arches, circles, curves, and fluid forms. By incorporating these natural elements into your décor, you can create a serene and calming environment that brings the outdoors inside while remaining chic and stylish.

Tom Schneider Dining Table

Some of our favourite biophilic style tables and chairs that we supply here at Taksers include the Tom Schneider Crest Dining Table, Bontempi Kate Wooden Frame Dining Chair, Bluebone Driftwood Tall Lamp Table Glass Top and the Phoenix Medium Stone Effect Dining Table. When it comes to sofas and chairs, we love the Fama Josephine 4 Seater Sofa, G Plan Jackson 3 Corner Chaise Single Power Recliner and the Alexander & James Betsy Chair. These are just a few of our favourite picks when it comes to biomorphic-style furniture, but we have hundreds of options, colourways, and textures for you to choose from here on our site!

If you have any questions about creating a nature-inspired space, our experts are always here to help, so don't hesitate to contact us at 01254 375983! You could also pop down to our expansive showroom. Our showroom has a variety of furniture and accessories from top brands like Calligaris, Tetrad, and Alexander and James, allowing you to create a sanctuary of serenity that soothes your mind, boosts your mood, and enhances your overall well-being!